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Our Delta Printer Build

Published by Noman on Oct 27th 2019

Hey guys, I've been getting a lot of questions on Delta builds and what we use at SnoLabs.

Ours is built off of the UltiBots D300VS Plus printer, however they're now out of business. 

I have the printer built on Fusion 360 and here's the link!

Build of Materials:

For your convenience, I have included links to all of the items.


3 x 2040 V-Slot Aluminum Rail (1000 mm)

3 x 2040 V-Slot Aluminum Rail (454 mm)

6 x 2020 V-Slot Aluminum Rail (454 mm)

1 x Delta Corner Kit

3 x Silicone Feet M5

Motion System

3 x Moons Stepper (MS17HA2P4200)

Cheaper alternatives: LDO Stepper (42STH47-1684MAC)

6 x 16T Pulley (GPA16MR2060-K-P5)

6 x Idler bearing (MFL105ZZ)

3 x Straight Precision Linear Shaft (We used 40 mm but you can use 35 mm)

6 meters Gates GT2 Belts

Cheaper Alternative is to go to Gates Unitta 2GT.


3 x Aluminum Spacer (3 mm)

3 x Eccentric Spacer (6 mm)

6 x Aluminum Spacer (9 mm)

9 x Nylon Insert Lock Nut (M5)

9 x Xtreme Solid V Wheel (Polycarbonate)

9 x M5 Screw (91239A238)

6 x Aluminum Barbells

6 x 375 mm Carbon Fiber rods with Ball Cup Ends (TrickLaser)

Note: TrickLaser isn't making them anymore, so you can use Hayden's Magball arms or make your own from carbon fiber rods and then ball cup ends from TrickLaser. Edit: TrickLaser shut their website down, I have some ball cup ends that will be modeled and uploaded to Thingiverse in the coming weeks.


1 x 310 mm Diameter Magnetic Base

1 x 310 mm Flex Sheet

1 x CS Hyde PEI Sheet (30 mil, 310 mm) (CSHYDE)

1 x 500W 280 mm Keenovo Silicone Heater

1 x Omron SSR (G3NA-210B-DC5-24)

Alternatives for beds:


3 x Omron End Stop (SS-5T)

1 x Duet 2 (or 3) (MatterHackersFilastruder)

1 x Duet PT100 Daughter Board (Filastruder)

1 x Mean Well PSU 350W, 24V

Optional: PanelDue (Filastruder)

1 x JohnSL FSR Board, 3 x FSR, 6x High temperature silicone pads (KIT LINK)

Printed Parts

SSR/PSU Holder (From Fusion)

Bed Clamps

Electronics Holder (GitHub)

Spool Holder (GitHub)

Bed Clamps (GitHub)

End Stop Holder (GitHub)

Ultibots GitHub Link for STLs

Hot End

E3D V6 (Gold Edition Link)

Stainless Steel Heat Break

40 W Heater Cartridge

+ PT100 Cartridge (MatterHackersFilastruder)

Hercules Hardened Steel Nozzle (A2)

Slice Engineering Magnum

+ PT100 Cartridge (MatterHackers | Filastruder)

50 W Heating Cartridge

+ Hercules Hardened Steel Nozzle (A2)


Bondtech BMG

25 mm Pancake Stepper Motor

Heatsink 40x40x10


Frame: $170.77

Motion System: $74.16

XYZ Stepper Options:

  • Moons: $121.20
  • LDO: $59.97

Belt System Options:

  • Gates USA GT2: $107.44
  • Gates Unitta 2GT: $49.74
  • Triangle Labs 2GT: $47.61

Carriages: $120.31 + Arms


Silicone Heater Subtotal: $83.74

  • CSHyde Style: $158.00
  • WhamBam: $86.00

Electronics: $256.90 + PanelDue

Hot Ends: 

  • E3D V6: $120.95
  • E3D Gold Edition: $137.97
  • Slice Engineering Magnum: $234.96

Extruder: $99.00

Additional Configuration


Power Supply



  • We use FSRs but you could also use other probing methods ie Precision Piezo

Strain Relief

I believe that covers it all. Please feel free to reach out and I can add anything missing.

BOM in Table (Google Sheets).

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