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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission here at SnoLabs is to provide quality and affordable 3D printing filaments that enable all people of all ages to turn their imaginations into reality.

Our Promise

We promise to provide only the highest quality 3D printing filament and components, that we use in-house, at the most competitive prices so that makers such as us can get incredible results without needing to break the bank.

A message from our founder:

I was introduced to 3D printing and obtained my passion for additive manufacturing in high school when I was given the opportunity to work with USFIRST FRC and FTC robotics teams. A few years later I started trying to 3D print my creations. I spent countless hours researching printers, components, slicers, and filaments. Like any maker, I cared a lot about price and ordered subpar filaments, and guess what happened: many poor prints and jams. I founded this company on the principle of providing top quality products that I would use and test before posting.

In the product descriptions, we provide suggested ranges and the print settings we use for optimal prints. There isn't a single product on the site I have not physically tested to ensure its quality and value to the end user. At this time our filaments are imported, however, as our customer base grows, we will start producing filaments in the USA.

Maker in mind.

We look at quality above all else. All of our filaments are produced from virgin polymers. They are SGS and CE certified and have undergone laser and hand inspection. When you purchase our filaments, you will notice a hand stamped QC mark on each roll to ensure it meets our quality standards that are +/- .03mm of 1.75 mm untangled filament. After the laser and hand inspection, we seal the filaments in plastic, place a silica gel packet inside the roll, and vacuum seal it to ensure it's just as good as the day it is manufactured.

Ever ordered 1KG of filament but received less?

Unless otherwise noted, every one of our rolls is one kilogram of filament plus the extra weight of the spool and packaging. In our descriptions, we notate net and gross weights. If you decide to weigh our rolls, you will notice that they will almost always be slightly over one kilogram.

Hmm, I see that you don't offer many sales?

We offer the peace of mind that you are getting a fantastic product at the best price. As a company, we believe in having the lowest prices at ALL times instead of marking our rolls up and discounting them, and upon testing one of our filaments, you too will believe in SnoLabs filament quality guarantee.

SnoLabs Quality Guarantee

In the rare case of receiving a defective roll, we will replace/refund once the defect is verified. We'll even take your unopened products due to customer error or if no longer wanted, but they must be sealed and returned in the same condition you received them in within 30 days (note: we will have to deduct outgoing shipping costs). We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any order for any reason. If your order is canceled and you are charged, you will promptly be issued a refund.