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Tips on drying filament

Posted by Noman on Mar 15th 2019

Filament absorbs moisture from the given environment and depending upon your print environment, you might need to dry it. If your filament is acting weird, you might need to dry it.We suggest keeping … read more

Delta Diagnostics

Posted by Noman on Nov 26th 2018

While on the forums I noticed a lot of people are having trouble diagnosing delta issues, so I created this post to help others.I implore you watch this video: Here's how I diagnose issues on my delt … read more

The Missing Manual to KISSlicer

Posted by Noman on Nov 13th 2018

To everyone reading this, I am open to suggestions on how to set it up properly and where ever possible I will not rewrite, just provide a link to the original post.  Note: this is a work in … read more
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