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ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

ABS is another popular filament used for 3D printing as it is a strong and versatile material. It is best used for creating durable parts that require higher heat resistance. You want to make sure your models are slightly larger than you usually would like as ABS will contract once cooled. ABS printed parts can be post-processed with acetone to give a glossy finish. It is ideally used for functional prototypes as ABS is the closest material to real production models. ABS can be used with both, 3D printers and 3D Pens.

Update September 2019.

Due to demand, going forward we will be limiting ABS and ASA to Black. As a result, we're giving $5.99 off of other colors of ABS (aka $15 rolls for ABS with a minimum purchase of $30.00). Please use the following code: ML43H9BH834U0


  • Low shrinkage
  • High strength and heat resistance
  • Low warping
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Use Acetone for a polished finish.


  • Requires an enclosure for easier printing, as breezes will cause cracks
  • For safety, have a method to filter the air as printing ABS releases toxins. At SnoLabs, we use a fan with a carbon filter on top of our enclosure.

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Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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