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Tips on drying filament

Published by Noman on Mar 16th 2019

Filament absorbs moisture from the given environment and depending upon your print environment, you might need to dry it. If your filament is acting weird, you might need to dry it.

We suggest keeping them in dry boxes or mylar bags with desiccant.

Please note the times below are for convection ovens, so if you are using a food dehydrator, you might need longer drying time. Most food dehydrators available are in Fahrenheit, so we've added another column for the conversion.

It's also important to note that low humidity will not drive off plasticizers, it's a thermal thing having to do with molecular kinematics which is temperature dependent.

Material Temperature (C) (F) Time (H)
PLA/+ 50:65 122:149 1.5:2
PETG 50:70 122:158 2:3
Nylon (PA6/12) 60:70 140:158 2:3
TPU/TPE 55:65 131:149 2:3
PVA 65:75 149:167 2:3
ABS 60:70 140:158 1.5:2
ASA/HIPS 60:70 140:158 2:3
PC+ 55:65 131:149 2:3
POM (Delrin) 65:75 149:167 2:3
PEI 90:110 194:230 2:3

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