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SnoLabs Penguin

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Penguin Collage!
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This model was created by Louise Driggers a.k.a Loubie for SnoLabs.

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  • Articulated Head, Flaps, Feet, and tail.
  • Support free model.

Requirements: Your printer must be decently calibrated or else the articulated points may not come as intended.

Recommended settings:

  • .2 mm layer height.
  • 3 Perimeters.
  • Minimum of 10% infill.
  • No support.
  • If you need to scale down, we do not recommend less than 80 mm height (20% reduction).


Disclaimer: By downloading this file you are agreeing to CC BY-NC-ND. Basically states that this model cannot be changed or sold and is meant for personal use. If you would like to modify it in anyway please contact us at


If you prefer downloading from other sites, we have the model available on Thingiverse, Pinshape, and Cults3D!




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