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Ships Q4 2021


Showcasing the latest product from SnoLabs: SnoDry™, a proprietary filament dehydrating solution that utilizes the next generation in 3D Printing technology.



Update April 2022


The pandemic has and is continuing to raise significant supply chain issues. For example, the production cost has multiplied, and many vendors cut corners with small shops such as ours. Ultimately, there would be a significant increase in the unit price.

On the bright side, the prototypes are holding up well. The patent is processing. However, they have not completed the certification process (UL, CE, etc.). Everything was verified and should pass.

It is my hope that a larger company can pick up SnoDry and make it a reality, as I genuinely believe it is fantastic and simply works. I think there is a need for SnoDry to be in the market. However, SnoLabs is still a small business. As such, I do not believe we're in a position to bring the drier to market successfully.

Therefore, it is with much regret that we are putting SnoDry production on pause.


How we are going to make it right.

We are offering the following three options:

  1. Join the raffle.

  2. Get a refund.

  3. Receive store credit -- to be redeemed immediately

I have some prototype units with cosmetic issues that are otherwise fully functional. However, each unit cost us over $2000. Therefore, I don't have enough units for every preorder to receive a prototype. So I believe the fairest way will be to raffle off as many as possible. Please note these have not passed certifications and will be provided as-is.

As for option two, as a small business and due to the current conditions, we do not have the funds available to process everyone's refund. To generate the funds, we will be reducing our selection of PETG and PLA & Accessories/Printer Upgrades by putting them on sale. I ask if you can please tell your friends and groups about the sale so that we can process everyone's refund as soon as possible.

See the sale under our Promotions tab.


Update October 2021

Due to COVID and the silicon shortage the new boards took 2 months longer than it should've. On the bright side, it's all tested and has been running for a month now. We're working on prepping the Kickstarter at the moment.

We also received confirmation on the patent!

Current Timeline:

  • Launch the Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project. (I'm anticipating a ~ 2-month campaign before I can commit to the first batch).
  • The certification process for UL and REACH will be done while the Kickstarter campaign goes on.
  • After that, we should be ready to go on all fronts.

We're trying to make it happen ASAP, I thank you for your patience on this. I just want to ensure you guys get the best possible product that will last.

-Noman (Founder)


Update March 2021

Since the VRRF reveal, SnoDry has gone through another user feedback round, and I've added quite a bit to the solution. 

  • It now has a fantastic touch screen user interface.
  • Added increased reliability/longevity and fail-safes onto the motherboard and user interface.
  • A whitepaper was drawn, and waiting to publish it with the physical prototype.
  • Another round of rigorous testing. 
  • I had to swap out a few components to help pass certifications.
  • Added a USB port so that users can do firmware updates on their own. (This is on the new motherboards, see below.)
The bad news... I hit a few roadblocks with the suppliers, which are all resolved now. 
  • A few components were delivered later than expected. 
  • A few parts had to be redone since the finish was not at all what I wanted. But the good news is that it's rectified, and the units are getting correctly manufactured.
  • The previous batch of motherboards indicated I needed to make some changes to enhance reliability.
  • The touchscreen interface took a while to set up and configured correctly; we tested dozens of screens to get it just right.
That unfortunately delayed the project longer than anticipated. However, I believe we're back on track to getting these delivered ASAP.

The overall production cost went up by quite a bit due to additional features and components, but rest assured, the original backers are locked into their prices.



  • Rigid 18-gauge steel body.

  • 600W AC powered heater.

  • Stable up to 75°C for long duty cycles.

  • 4x One Touch Bowden fittings (4mm) for flexible integration into any space.

  • Fits 2x 1KG rolls.

  • Universal Power (110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz)

  • Patent Pending Air Circulation System

Ease Of Use

  • Preconfigured material dry temperature and time

  • Bowden tubes do not get stuck.

  • Easy loading of filament without unravelling.

  • Single button operation.

Technical Specifications:

Exterior Dimensions

268mm (L) x 240mm (W) x 351mm (H)

Interior Dimensions

261mm (L) x 230mm (W) x 240mm (H)


~7 KG

Max Temperature


Recommended Long Term Temperature


Average Temperature Gradient (Peak to Peak)


Filament Feed Ports

4 Ports

Additional Parts Required?

Each SnoDry will come ready for use and no consumables are required for operation.

Heating System

Closed loop heating system


Pending UL, RoHS, & REACH Compliance

Patent Status

Patent Pending

Interlocking Safety Features

Interlock Thermostat - De-energizes AC Heater when temperature exceeds 90°C

Interlock Fuse - One off fuse when the temperature exceeds 104°C

Interlock Box - Magnetic reed switch  de-energizes outlet when the door is not locked (door must be closed to be locked)

Electrical Features

110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz


2 Years

Country of Origin

Made in USA


Q: Which materials have you tested SnoDry with?

We've done several rounds of prototypes testing with CF PEEK, CF Nylon, and PC+ for months now- all without any hiccups.


Q: Is 75ºC enough to dry high performance materials like Nylon, PC, PEEK, and ULTEM?

The answer is yes! We consulted with material scientists and other industry specialists to ensure this is the case. We're in process of publishing a white paper on the science behind filament adsorption. 


Q: I'd like to use this for my tool-changer, why doesn't SnoDry allow for 4 materials?

The reason for this is that when you're drying multiple materials, you would use the lowest preset. For example, if you're drying PEEK and TPU, you would use the preset for TPU and not PEEK. You wouldn't attain peak performance of SnoDry by using multiple materials, as such you would have an optimal multi-material experience with two units. If the two materials are close in presets like Nylon and PEEK, you would be OK with the Nylon preset.