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Showcasing the latest product from SnoLabs: SnoDry™, a proprietary filament dehydrating solution that utilizes the next generation in 3D Printing technology.


VRRF 2020 Special: $299* Offer only valid till October 19th.

Order by Tuesday October 13th and we'll include a roll of CF PC+ with your SnoDry ***OFFER EXTENDED TILL OCT 19TH***

Kickstarter is estimated to be set up in November 2020 at $399.

General Availability Q3 2021 at $499.

Pricing table for SnoDry



  • Rigid 18-gauge steel body.

  • 600W AC powered heater.

  • Stable up to 75°C for long duty cycles.

  • 4x One Touch bowden fittings (4mm) for flexible integration into any space.

  • Fits 2x 1KG rolls.

  • Universal Power (110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz)

  • Patent Pending Air Circulation System

Ease Of Use

  • Preconfigured material dry temperature and time

  • Bowden tubes do not get stuck.

  • Easy loading of filament without unravelling.

  • Single button operation.

Technical Specifications:


Exterior Dimensions

268mm (L) x 240mm (W) x 351mm (H)

Interior Dimensions

261mm (L) x 230mm (W) x 240mm (H)


~7 KG

Max Temperature


Recommended Long Term Temperature


Average Temperature Gradient (Peak to Peak)


Filament Feed Ports

4 Ports

Additional Parts Required?

Each SnoDry will come ready for use and no consumables are required for operation.

Heating System

Closed loop heating system


Pending UL, RoHS, & REACH Compliance

Patent Status

Patent Pending

Interlocking Safety Features

Interlock Thermostat - De-energizes AC Heater when temperature exceeds 90°C

Interlock Fuse - One off fuse when the temperature exceeds 104°C

Interlock Box - Magnetic reed switch  de-energizes outlet when the door is not locked (door must be closed to be locked)

Electrical Features

110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz


2 Years

Country of Origin

Made in USA


Q: Which materials have you tested SnoDry with?

We've done several rounds of prototypes testing with CF PEEK, CF Nylon, and PC+ for months now- all without any hiccups.


Q: Is 75ºC enough to dry high performance materials like Nylon, PC, PEEK, and ULTEM?

The answer is yes! We consulted with material scientists and other industry specialists to ensure this is the case. We're in process of publishing a white paper on the science behind filament adsorption. 


Q: I'd like to use this for my tool-changer, why doesn't SnoDry allow for 4 materials?

The reason for this is that when you're drying multiple materials, you would use the lowest preset. For example, if you're drying PEEK and TPU, you would use the preset for TPU and not PEEK. You wouldn't attain peak performance of SnoDry by using multiple materials, as such you would have an optimal multi-material experience with two units. If the two materials are close in presets like Nylon and PEEK, you would be OK with the Nylon preset.



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