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Solid Light 3-Pack Cartridge Refill

Sample of a 3 pack cartridge refill for 3D printing solid light pen.
Orders placed by 3pm (EST) are shipped same day!

3D Printing Solid Light Pen cartridge refills.

What's included:

  • 3 x Resin Cartridges in assorted colors.


How is this 3D pen different from other 3D pens?

There are several differences compared to thermoplastic 3D pens. First, it uses UV based resin instead of melting plastic. This makes the pen safe to use for both adults and children. Secondly, it is cordless so there is no cable getting in the way of making the designs you want. The pen is absolutely safe to use as the pen does not get hot, and the resins have been extensively tested.

How long does an cartridge last?

Each cartridge can print ~14 m (~46 ft) at 1 mm diameter.

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