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Slice Engineering

Boron Nitride Paste (5 cc)

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Boron Nitride Paste (5 cc).
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Boron nitride paste has long been used as a “heat transfer and release coating” for industrial cartridge heaters.  Our paste is an aqueous suspension that, when dry, does not conduct electricity but remains an excellent thermal conductor.  Use the included applicator to coat the cartridge heater hole in your 3d printer’s heater block. Insert the cartridge heater while the paste is still wet, then let dry.  The boron nitride boosts dissipation of heat from the hot section of the cartridge heater, improving its life. Ever notice cartridge heaters and screws tend to stick to aluminum heater blocks?  That’s because aluminum alloys soften considerably at common 3d printing temperatures. At Slice Engineering, we avoid use of aluminum heater blocks for several reasons. However our paste does mitigate the sticking problem.

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